Corporate Philosophy

Our Strategies

Our investment strategies are centred around long-term capital preservation and wealth accumulation.

At Tower, our primary focus is asset management. We are more than happy to work with all professional advisors to develop a robust and effective financial plan.

With a long-term focus in mind we look to invest in companies that have true intrinsic value beyond what is reflected in their market price and we believe the fundamentals of a company tell the true story of its value.

Our Portfolios

We provide highly liquid, well-diversified portfolio management that allows our clients to participate in global investment markets on an efficient basis.

As an independent firm we rely on a mix of in-house and outside research to provide a well-rounded and well-informed approach to capital markets.

Our value portfolios are constructed with as many as 14 different indexes including 4 fixed income indexes and 10 equity indexes from around the world. There are about 2200 securities represented in these 14 indexes. This provides reasonable balance for a wide variety of investment profiles as well as solid diversification for each investor.

Our Philosophy

Tower’s business is built on personal ethics, integrity and professionalism. We are committed to dealing with our clients fairly, honestly, transparently, and in good faith.

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