Management Process


We believe that the foundation to a successful investment plan is to take the time to truly understand the individual, family or institution and their goals or objectives.

Then we begin to develop a risk profile and discuss how that relates to return expectations and achieving those goals.

Once we have a risk profile and return expectations we generate an investment plan outlining the client’s goals, their risk profile and the strategic asset allocation that will be implemented to achieve those goals.

Implement the Plan

We offer a variety of model portfolios to meet various risk and return profiles. Each portfolio can be further optimized as we develop a strategic asset allocation that is unique to each client and their situation.

Individual portfolios consist of a mix of low cost ETFs and/or individual stocks in a separately managed account. Each investment plan is reviewed annually or sooner as circumstances dictate.

Financial Planners

We provide asset management to higher-net-worth clients. Families, individuals and institutions with larger amounts of investable assets have come to expect an individualized and direct approach to the investment of their wealth.

At Tower, we can provide the client with an investment portfolio uniquely suited to their specific needs, goals and objectives. We are happy to conduct joint meetings with clients or potential clients to ensure they are familiar with Tower and understand the partnership.

We believe that ultimately the client benefits by obtaining a financial plan and an investment plan by practitioners specifically trained and suited to provide the best of each.


Our management fee is charged as a percentage of the total assets under management. We do not receive, nor do we pay, any soft dollar commissions or bonuses from/to brokerage or fund company.

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