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Tower takes the responsibility of your portfolio’s performance seriously. All of our advice and decisions are anchored on our values of authenticity, mutual respect, and transparency. To show our faith in these values, we invest our own resources in the same strategies we offer our clients. You can rest, knowing we are setting the course together.

We believe that the foundation of a business tells the true story of its worth. Our enhanced index strategy invests in companies with authentic value beyond what their market prices reflect. We can pair this portfolio structure with more active trading techniques so that you benefit from the momentum of changing markets.

Disciplined Curiousity

Our method begins with index funds weighted by the fundamentals—revenue, earnings, and dividends. Our enhanced index strategy portfolios offer access to as many as 14 different indexes representing roughly 2,200 securities from around the world.

We can pair that with a momentum portfolio intended to provide exposure to trending stocks. Its objective is to own the twelve best-performing stocks on the TSX in the next quarter. We rebalance each quarter to make sure your investments stay up-to-date.

Enduring Results

Your investments should help shelter you from the storm while increasing your financial gains. We believe the strongest strategy combines long-term capital preservation with intelligent growth. In partnership with your financial planning team, we can deliver a highly liquid, well-diversified portfolio that lays a steady groundwork while taking advantage of new opportunities.

We can help you choose a combination of income and equity indexes alongside momentum stocks that will direct you toward your goals, finding the balance between stability and energy for the journey ahead.

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